How we blocked out the afternoon sun in our office


Our office faces the west, which means we get pounded by the sun light and heat every afternoon. This creates quite a lot of headaches (both literally and figuratively). The bright glare heats up the room, and makes it difficult to see the computer screens and the projector. At one time, we even considered wearing sunglasses indoors in the late afternoon in order to keep working!

Because these are the only windows in this particular room, we wanted to avoid using blinds due to the overall health benefits of natural light as opposed to florescent lighting.
Our solution was to install the RavenWindow.

The RavenWindow is a new type of “smart window” that becomes tinted when the sun causes the glass temperature to rise above a certain temperature point, thereby blocking solar heat and minimizing glare.


ravenwindow tint inside the office smart windows colorado

Inside our office, the RavenWindows on the right are tinted and are blocking out the sunlight.


ravenwindow tint outside smart windows colorado

The view of the tinted RavenWindow from outside of the building


These innovative windows use a thermochromic filter that activates just when you need it to, and the glass tint will fade when the temperature goes down (usually when the sun sets).


Ravenwindow cutaway of thermochromic filter

The RavenWindow uses a thermochromic filter in the inside surface of the exterior pane of glass of a double pane window


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