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thermochromic glass solutions by Smart Windows ColoradoIn any structure, traditional windows are the largest consumer of energy. Traditionally, builders, architects and homeowners have relied on reflective glass and energy efficient, or “low-E” glass, which use metallic coatings to reflect – or trap – light and heat, and reduce some energy use. While common for many years, these glass treatments cannot adjust to temperature changes, and block desirable solar energy in cooler temperatures, while also trapping warm air indoors on hot days.

RavenBrick’s solution is the next generation in smart windows. Using patented thermochromic filter technology, RavenWindow automatically controls the amount of light, heat and unwanted glare that passes through the glass – without the need for manual controls, wires or electricity. RavenWindow technology can as much as double the energy savings of the leading energy-efficient window. This new generation of smart windows is designed for commercial, residential and industrial buildings and can be custom designed for new developments or retrofitted to fit existing windows, for an exponential impact.

RavenWindow smart windows deliver an unparalleled return on investment in as few as four years. Because RavenBrick’s patented thermochromic technology reflects the sun’s heat outside when it’s hot, and lets the sunshine in when it’s cool, it saves up to 30 percent on heating and cooling year-round, all without using electricity or hard-wired control systems.

In addition to reducing energy consumption and costs, RavenWindow installs just like a standard window, and improves the temperature and light-glare comfort for people inside a home or building. RavenWindow delivers and maintains a clear view of the outside and transitions almost instantly when the exterior environment goes above the transition temperature.

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Timelapse of a RevenWindow Tinting

Homeowner Testimonial from a RavenWindow User

Ravenwindows are a unique and innovative solution for keeping your house comfortable and lowering energy costs all year long. A interior thermochromic film will automatically tint the glass whenever the sunlight reaches a certain level during the day. This means that the windows will tint when the sun is brightest, and then the tint will recede when the sunlight fades. These are a great, hassle-free solution for west-facing windows.

The Ravenwindow works great in both seasons: in the summer, the windows darken to automatically reduce heat, glare, and unwanted solar heat gain; in winter, they let a maximum amount of light and warmth in.

How it Works

The RavenWindow thermochromic filter is applied to the inside surface of the exterior pane of glass of a double pane window. An air chamber separates the RavenWindow filter from the standard low-E coating and the interior glass pane.

When the temperature of the exterior glass rises above the transition temperature, the filter activates, transitioning the window to a tinted state in a matter of minutes. RavenWindow blocks solar heat from entering the building, reducing the need for air conditioning and minimizing glare, while retaining the outside view.

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